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    “Fruit Love” Card Pack with Stickers

    I’m excited to introduce some new products to the shop in time for Valentine’s Day! The first collection is this Fruit Love card pack. The pack comes with 10 fun and witty fruit-love related cards with a sheet of 12 stickers. I’ve added a few that you can buy just on their own without needing to buy the entire pack, but not all are available that route. For example, “My Main Squeeze” is available for separate purchase.But if you want this “Bootylicious Strawberry”, it’s only available in the pack! I feel like a cereal commercial by saying that… “Collect all 10!”But really, who doesn’t want all 10?? Almost every month you can use one to write your honey a nice card. And not all of them are specific to spouses or partnerships. This “You’re a Peach” card can be for anyone! Your friend, your child’s teacher, anyone who you want to say some nice words to can be a receiver for this card. I have my favorites, which ones are yours??This one originally said, “You all dat and a basket of fruit.” but my husband thought I needed to tone down on the rap talk and be grammatically correct so more people get it… But like most things, I think he’s right about this one.


    Right now this pack only comes in size 5×7, but as soon as the sun comes out so I can photograph my 4×6 sizes, those will be available as well. Find the pack and stand alone cards in my shop!

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