ABC Animals Quiet Book Ideas

For my family summer vacation, we went to Washington state and seeing how my husband and I were traveling with a toddler, I wanted to make sure she had plenty to do during the 2 hour flight and 4 hour drive to our destination – and back. The dollar section in Target was bliss, as always, but I wanted something a little more new than coloring packs and stickers.

My little girl loves animals and knows all of the basic ones and more. The usual ones are always repeated in the same books, so her knowledge wasn’t expanding. So I decided to make her a book full of unusual animals so she could learn the different ones! She’s also at that stage where she’s interested in her ABC’s, so I tackled 2 birds with one stone and did a weird animal for each letter of the alphabet. I’ve even learned a lot from this project! I mean, who’s ever heard of a numbat or a quoll??



I used thick interfacing on the felt letters to make sure they would last and not tear after being pulled off the velcro by a not-so-totally-coordinated toddler.
armadillo . beluga whale . capybara . dingo . eel . flying fish . gecko . hedgehog
impala . jellyfish . kiwi bird . lemur . manta ray . numbat . ostrich . platypus
quoll . red panda . sloth . tarsier . uakari . vulture . wildebeest . x-ray tetra . yak . zebra


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