Back-to-School Teacher Gift Tags – FREE Printable

Teachers do so much for our kids so I’m always on-board for giving them gifts and making sure I get everything they ask as classroom donations/supply lists. My little first grader is in the dual immersion program which means she has two teachers this year – one is female and the other is male. I thought of the bath bomb gift right away, but thought it would be too feminine for a guy, so I went ahead and made an all-testosterone version for a back-to-school gift: beef jerky.  I’ve never met a man who didn’t like beef jerky, so I feel like it’s the all around safest choice for a dude. 

School has already started for some people, so I know I’m a bit late on these, but over here school doesn’t start until next week so it wasn’t on my radar. But for those who still have a week or so get your free gift tag printables below!


*If it says there’s an error, just click on the title link and the printable files will show up.*

Teacher Gift Tags – Bath Bomb & Jerky | Designs by TiffanyCo
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