Cheap ‘n Easy Holiday Paper Decor

I suppose I better jump on the Fall/Halloween bandwagon and get my little home decor ideas out there before it’s too late.
This is a super simple, super cheap decor craft that can be used for any holiday. But because it’s Halloween time, this looks like fall decor instead.
Tools you will need:
frame of your choice
paper of your choice
1. Measure out the size of paper you’ll need to fit a frame box (where the photo would normally go) then trim it.
I had 3 different frame boxes and so I measured out 3 different types of paper to fill the spaces.
2. Then tape it onto the mat (or glass) to where it needs to be placed.


3. Then put the frame together and it’s ready to go!
Place with other decor pieces for a more put-together look.




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