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“When I’m not in the mood to cook,

Pop it like it’s hot, pop it like it’s hot, pop it like it’s hot.

When I need to get in a groove,

Work it like it’s hot, work it like it’s hot, work it like it’s hot.

I bust out this book and get the food,

Chop it like it’s hot, chop it like it’s hot, chop it like it’s hot.

I got the din-ner ready to go because Mom’s on her game, let’s go.”
I feel like that groove was supposed to go somewhere, but I need to switch gears with a story:

My husband and I just recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and it has gotten me thinking about the things we’ve accomplished and learned together these past 7 years.

One accomplishment is how ratty and torn my recipe book has gotten. I made it from a brand new photo album when we were first married and now it’s almost starting to fall apart. It’s time for a new one.

Something that we both learned from each other happened probably during our second year of marriage. My husband gave me a a giant cookbook as a Mother’s Day gift and I started crying…

I was crying because I hate cooking, so why would the man I love give me a freakin’ cookbook?? He obviously doesn’t love me  or care about me enough to know I don’t enjoy cooking… We talked about it and he said he didn’t know I didn’t like cooking and was trying to be thoughtful in a sense where he loves my cooking and thought I would enjoy more ideas. His heart was definitely in the right place, so he was forgiven, and now it’s a story we laugh about. You definitely learn a lot about each other during those first few years! And even years later!

I made these cookbook printables just in time for Mother’s Day, which is funny to me because I would’ve hated this years ago!

So to all of you moms who hate cooking, this book is about to change that! You know those kitchen decoration prints with the funny puns?? I incorporated them into the category titles for each section. Need a dessert recipe for Game Night?? Get ready to “Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae” because the song will get you pumped to make it and get it done!

What I love about binder cookbooks is how easy they are to incorporate new recipes. Especially with Pinterest available, it’s been such a game-changer. I’m able to print the recipe from the blog/website, stick it in a sheet protector, file it under the correct section, and bam! It’s done. No more handwriting on recipe cards.

How to make your own Chop it Like it’s Hot Cookbook:

  1. Find a super cute binder. I found this navy and silver foil one at Target. I also bought the light pink sectional filers from Target as well.
  2. Get yourself some sheet protectors as well. (50 page protectors fills a 1″ binder.)
  3. Print out my free printables. (To get the free printables, click on the “download button” at the end of this post.)
  4. Print out your favorite recipes.
  5. Organize them in your new Chop it Like it’s Hot Cookbook.

Because this could essentially be a Mother’s Day gift, I added a few of my favorite (and my family’s) recipes as well! Mom needs new idea, amiright??

*If it says there’s an error, just click on the title link and the printable files will show up.*

Get your free printables below (scroll through to see each page):

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