Christmas Card Design

My wonderful mother asked me if I would make their Christmas card to wrap up how their year had been. We started early (I think it was just after Thanksgiving) and I had it ready to be printed before December. I had the cards shipped to her, so I wasn’t able to see the final product before her. (Which is kind of torturous for an artist!) The shipment came and she loved them! Only, less than half of the cards she ordered came… It was very odd coming from the professional printing press I ordered from, but later she contacted them and she received the rest of her order.
Because of all of the hustle and bustle, I didn’t want to showcase the final product on here before anyone had a chance to see it in person. So here is their card I designed! It’s kind of a thing to add elements on top of a photo, and I wanted to try it out. Lucky for me, the cute picture of the two of them isn’t very busy visually so I was able to pull it off.


Then this was on the inside: A big family picture and a nice message.
Even with all of the confusion before, I had just gotten mine in the mail about a month after everyone else had gotten theirs! Crazy Christmas mail. We printed them at Overnight Prints and it turned out a bit more glossy than I like, but overall the paper quality was nice and did a good printing job.

Now that the Christmas Card season is over, just know that I would be more than happy to design any type of card for you! Party/wedding invitations, announcements of any sort I would love to do. Just email me and we can get started!


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