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I’m one of those people who is a planner. I like to start planning big events a couple of months in advance and what big holiday is in just a few months?? CHRISTMAS!!!

In past years I kept everyone’s Christmas wish lists and shopping lists in my notebook, but I remember it not being as organized as I wanted it to be. So I Googled “Christmas planners” and boy, there are so many options out there! I never found one that would work for me, so I made up my own.

With the first page in the printable download you print out one for each person in your family. Then fill out each page for each person. What I like to do is have an idea list of things the person is asking for, with the price (I feel strongly about this), and then a separate list of things that have been bought or solid-concrete-things-that-this-person-needs-to-have-so-they’re-getting-no-matter-what. To me this is the key. I like to have options and be able to shop around and look for the best deals. Then I can compare prices to see what’s in my budget and when I know it’s solid, then it moves down into the “Gifts” section. From there I can track:

. Whether it’s been bought or ordered.

. If the package has been received. I tell you it gets so hard to remember what’s floating around the country when you’ve ordered over 5 things online. It’s great to have it recorded when it finally comes to your door!

. If it’s been wrapped. Even though there is a “To:” and a “From:” it’s still hard to remember what exactly got wrapped up and finished.

The second page is for multiple people, the type who you’ll be buying just one or two gifts for. As before, I like options which is why there is a whole column to jot ideas down. Once you’ve picked something out, you can track it with the check boxes.

And there you have it. My personal system that I hope works well for you too!

Get the free printables below (scroll down to see the 2 pages):

Christmas Gift Planner



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