Christmas Gift Tags Free Printable

I’ve heard this isn’t as common in other places, but in Utah, “neighbor gifts” are a big thing. Most people bake cookies or other goodies to give to their neighbors as a “thanks for being a great neighbor” kind of gift.

Others choose to do non-food related items because sometimes the treats can get to be a bit too much around the holidays.

Something I like to do is create and give away Christmas gift tags. I enjoy it because it’s something that pushes me to be creative and it’s useful.

This year I went with a Christian theme and picked out small phrases from Hymnal Christmas songs. Last years gift tags were songs from the commercialized songs we all love this time of year.

These don’t have to be given as gifts, but print out a page and use them for yourself! I created them to be a little more universal without adding the “to” and “from” spaces so you could write on the front or add a little note on the back.

Get your free printables below: (Right click to open a new tab or save to downloads to get the link.)

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