Library Donations Poster

Last month my daughter had parent teacher conferences and her teacher was a little backed up, so we visited the book fair while we waited for her turn. On our way back to visit with her teacher, I was stopped in the hall by my neighbor and was asked to be the official Graphic Designer for the PTA…


Sure! Why not? It’s good to be involved in the community and give back.


They desperately wanted to have a nice presentable poster put together ASAP for their library donation campaign. They have a lofty goal and knew a visually compelling poster would help a lot. So I immediately thought of this bright color and put an ombre effect on it, because, let’s get trendy here. I already had those fun office graphics, got the photos from the furniture designer they want to use when they have the money, and bam! Poster done.

It was fun seeing it hung up on the entrance doors, so I had to snap a picture.


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