Client Work: Murder Mystery Birthday Party

My oldest niece is growing up! And wanted to have a grown-up party. I loved how she picked to do a murder mystery party. I still have never participated in one of those so I was a little jealous because they always look so fun!
My sister and I do tradesies – she takes my family pictures and I do random stuff she wants. This year I told her I can design party stuff for her kids and my niece gladly took up the offer. This was a really fun project to do and it was fun finding out who-dun-it as I went along!
I was thinking it would’ve been fun to decorate it all florally, like it was a garden party because the lady who died was very rich and involved. So I asked my niece if she would rather have it be like a garden party or mafia-like, and she chose mafia. (*Insert laugh-crying emoji here!*) Which is why I have the Bodoni-like font and red and black colors. Classy gangta!
Elements I designed for this party were: Invitation, character descriptions, character sheets, name place cards, candy wrappers, and invitation envelope stickers. (Note: I did not make up the murder mystery. My sister found a free packet and I copied the information, but designed it.)
We decided to put the invitation and the person’s character description in a
9×6 manila envelope to make it more unique, mysterious and “top-secret-like.”
Name place cards for the dinner table, candy wrappers as part of their favors
and “For Your Eyes Only” sticker for the invitation envelopes.


Character sheets full of questions and back-stories for the party.
Dinner name place cards.


The guest’s “inheritance” party favors.
From what I heard, this was a super fun party for 12 year old girls. Everyone had a blast!
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  • Missy
    June 21, 2015 at 3:24 am

    THANK YOU!!!! It was SO fun for Brinley! The girls had such a fun time. Thanks for the goods!