Crittenden Political Campaign

Update: Marilyn won by 5%! She promised to fight for change in many things I know a lot of people want to happen, but I know I also had a hand in helping her win. Everyone loves a clean design!

This was my first political campaign I’ve done and Marilyn was kind enough to walk me through the do’s and don’t’s. Because, like with most things, there are guidelines and rules to what makes a successful campaign.


We stayed away from the regular red, white, and blue because we wanted her to stand out! When there are more than 5 people running for an office, they all tend to blend together, so we stayed away from that. I wanted everything to look neat and clean, an understanding we both had. I was fortunate to come upon the font for “Crittenden” because it wasn’t a full-on serif font, but it wasn’t a full-on sans-serif either. It was a nice sweet spot in-between so it was easy to read because of the small serifs, but not generic enough like a sans-serif. The rest of the type was kept the came to keep it cohesive. 

For her pamphlet we kept it simple, giving people the gist of what she stands for and her contact information.

I enjoyed working with Marilyn and it happened to be an added bonus that I believe in what she will strive to do for our community! It’s satisfying to know the work you are doing is something you believe in. As the past week has gone by and more and more political signs are getting put up, it’s been fun seeing my design all around town!

Gook luck, Marilyn!


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