Custom Clemens-tine Print

Did you know I do custom work? Well, I do!

This lovely bride-to-be asked me to customize my “Oh, My Darling Clementine” print to say “Clemens-tine” instead of “Clementine” because her new last name will be Clemens and this is a wedding gift for her man.

I was a little worried about making all of the additional letters fit, but it worked!

This wasn’t my first custom project for this specific print. I’ve had others ask for names of their baby with their birth year added at the bottom. I love doing customizations because for a moment I feel a connection with others around me and I get be an instrument in making a memory for them.

If you want a customized print, you can request a custom order right on my Etsy shop! Or if you want to talk about it first, just shoot me an email. Both are just a click away on the site.

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