Custom Wedding Invitation


My cute sister-in-law is getting married! I told her I would love to design her wedding invitations for her as part of our gift to her and that I know how to do it for super cheap.

Bam! Hired! And here is the end result.

Once upon a time, I thought I did my own wedding invitations cheaply, but holy cow, I definitely did good for her! 600 invitations for……. $150! Did you take a double take on that?? Yeah, one-five-zero! And they were printed front and back. (Not counting envelopes or tax.)

Do you want to know the secret??

We decided to do them sized 4×6 (so a little smaller than usual) and printed all in black/white. That cuts down on the cost of paper and color ink. I also had them printed at a local print lab, instead of an actual invitation company. That way you’re only paying per copy instead of per invitation. That’s where the chunk of cost comes from!

Her colors are: fuchsia, black, white, and grey, so I thought a fun way to bring color to the black and white invitations would be by getting fuchsia envelopes. It pops so much and it was so fun getting a bright colored envelope in the mail!



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