DIY Decorative Hand Towels

What do you give the person who has everything?? You know the type of people I’m talking about. They’re usually your in-laws or grandparents. I finally figured out what the best types of gifts are for people in this category: things they use on a regular basis. Nice soaps, treats, calendars… just things you know they would buy and use anyways. The soap they usually buy may not be homemade with essential oils, but that’s the point – just go up the scale so it’s more classy even though when it comes down to it, it’s really just soap.
Anyways, where these hand towels come in is another idea for “the-person-who-has-everything.” Sure, they can buy them from the store, but any mother would love something unique because it was made by you!
Tools you will need:
hand towels
embellishments (ribbon, lace, etc.)
sewing machine
matching thread

1. Lay out your towel and on the bottom of one side, measure and pin down your embellishments. I used 2 rows of satin ribbon and ball fringe. (Which can’t be dried in the dryer, so take that into consideration for the person you’re making it for.) I made the rows slightly longer in case my measurements were wrong. I didn’t want to run out before it got to the edge.

2. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew the ribbon on making sure you are getting both the ribbon and the towel. I didn’t want the ribbon to flap up a bit, which is why I choose a zig-zag stitch opposed to just a straight stitch. For the ball fringe, I used a straight stitch going down each side to make sure it would stay on well.

3. Trim any excess embellishments off and either sew along those sides, burn them with a lighter, or use clear nail polish to prevent fraying.

4. And you’re done! I only did one side of each towel, but you can do both sides if you would like.



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