Dr. Seuss Party Package

In light of Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Thursday, I thought I’d share a Dr. Seuss birthday party package I did for a client! All of the food was themed from the books and were very clever, but my favorite part was this cute little poem:

Dr. Seuss is one of those people who have given so much to the world and have made a difference for the greater good. I loved his books growing up and love them just as much reading them to my kids.

A month or so ago my daughter wanted to watch Horton Hears a Who, so after it was over I decided to watch the extras which are available on the DVD. There was a small clip of Dr. Seuss’s life and how people had always thought his ideas were crazy and didn’t think he’d ever get very far in life. His wife commented how he was always sketching odd things and would make up funny words. Little did she know how much his peculiar imagination would create an such an empire in Children’s Literature. His books they truly are timeless and I’m so grateful for the people who believe in themselves and have the guts enough to block out everyone else and do what they love.


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