Emily & Alex Wedding Invitation

She’s married! My childhood BFF got married last week so now I get to share her beautiful wedding invitations.

Her wedding colors were burgundy and berry tones, so I found the pretty floral image at Shutterstock and put their names in a berry color to help incorporate her colors in.There was a lot of information going on because they had two receptions and so I knew I needed a simple and clean way to keep the information organized and easy to read. I had their wedding location and date information stand out, because that’s the most important thing on a wedding day, and then the two receptions were organized with the line separation and different font widths.


*Tip: It doesn’t take much to make information stand out. Keep to one or two fonts and use the different widths within the font family to help distinguish information.Unfortunately not everyone was able to come to the actual wedding ceremony, or in this case, an LDS temple sealing. So I designed separate cards with the sealing information on it for those who were invited. This is what was on the back of the invitation.


Both Emily and Alex said they got many compliments on their invitation. It was really nice to hear that! They were engaged for probably around 3 months, so everything needed to get done fast! The design process for this probably took about 2-3 days and then the files were sent off to get printed so they could start handing out the invitations. It was quick, but it came together nicely and everything just fell into place.


Congratulations, Emily & Alex! So happy for you and best of luck on your future together.

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