Family Star Wars Themed Halloween Costumes

We did a family Star Wars costume theme last year and I don’t know if I will ever be able to top it! My baby’s BB-8 costume had me in tears over how cute it was. She was just so precious in it!

I have a feeling a lot of people will do Star Wars costumes for the years to come (I’m sure we’ll come back to it at some point!), so I thought I’d share what we did if you’re looking for some ideas.

My husband was a Jedi and asked me to make him a full-on Jedi Knight costume. I purchased a Jedi pattern at Jo-Anns where I sewed the tunic and robe from and we bought pants at Goodwill. #notthatambitious

I chose to be Rey because she’s so bad-a and has brown hair. I bought 2 yards of jersey fabric and to cut down on costs, I cut it into two and sewed them together so the pieces would be longer. Next I cut my now long piece into two strips, and criss-crossed them, and overlaid them on my shoulders. I cut off 2 inches from the bottom to make my arm bands from. I then just used a shirt and sweat pants I already had and my husband’s cross bag. 

Baby BB-8, oh my heart! I put a tutorial together that can be found here.


And lastly, my daughter was/is really into Darth Vader. She wanted a mask, but I’m against masks, so I made her this large headband-piece and we compromised by buying black nail polish and lipstick. 🙂 I put a tutorial together that can be found here.


What are your costume plans for Halloween?


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