Floral Baby’s First Birthday Party + Free Printable

I really like having unique parties. I don’t like doing what everyone else is doing and even though florals and geometric shapes are super trendy right now, this color combination isn’t which is how I feel it’s different!

I was once told if you do something different, at least one thing needs to be familiar so people actually “get it.” The example was if you’re going to do a space movie and everything is all space-y with different planets and lots of new things, you need to keep the people human. Or the opposite route would be to have aliens on planet Earth – the aliens are different, but planet Earth is familiar. Makes sense, right?

Ok, off my teaching box.

So I love this color combination and how this baby girl birthday party isn’t just PINK. Now without further ado, I bring you my baby’s first birthday party.

I always need to have a date guests need to RSVP by. People seem to respond better when there’s a deadline! 😉 And it gives me the time I need to have a general idea of how much food to plan.

Time capsule. Read further for details.

Why yes, this entire party was themed from her dress! Perfect inspiration!

This photo sums up my baby girl perfectly.

Baby’s first piggy bank is a cute little touch for decor and it gives guests the option to drop a few bucks if they feel inclined to do so…

I made a time capsule and it was the best decision I have ever made. My husband saw that story, Letters from Heaven, which went viral about the girl who opened her time capsule when she turned 18 and she said it was the best birthday present ever, and he suggested we do it for our little girl too.

I wanted to create that same magical moment for my little one and asked the guests to bring a letter instead of gifts. Being the second girl, she already has everything she needs and the letters will be such a treasure when she’s able to open them.

My floral letter “S” which turned out to look like the number “8” instead… (insert laughing/crying emoji here)

Party favors!

I had an array of ages with the guests who came, so I decided to do different favors. I found some really fun ice cream lip glosses I got for the girls, toy rocket launchers for the boys, and just candy for the adults.

Sweet baby. All professional photos were done by Xpressions Photography.

Month by month photo banner, except with this one I decided to make a game out of it.

I mixed the photos and the guests had to guess the correct order. Whoever got the most correct won!

I strung the pictures with twine and made the tissue paper flowers from a tutorial I found at Design Every Day.

For the flower banner I got my inspiration from A Practical Wedding, but instead of real flowers I used fake flowers and added knots of twine and crazy-fun pom-pom string.

It made for a great center piece and everyone seemed to enjoy the little game! It was a lot harder than they all thought it would be.

Guess Baby’s Age free printable can be found here.

Guess Baby’s Age 6-up

I also had her Baby Book and Baby Calendar laid out in case anyone wanted to look at them. If I was really on top of my game I would’ve made a little video of her with the videos of her first year. I’m going to try and make one for her time capsule.

I had the party at 3:00pm because that was after her nap so she’d be happy and rested. But because it wasn’t at a meal time I just served snacks.

String cheese is her favorite food so I had to have that.

I made these little snack cups mostly for the kids, but everyone ended up enjoying them! They had Chex, peanuts, pretzel sticks and colored marshmallows.

And then you can never go wrong with chips and guac.

I made a cake for the guests to enjoy and…

her own little smash cake because a one year old party isn’t complete without a good cake smash!

Her time capsule box at the end of the party full of lots of lovely letters, party string, her hat and a dollar bill.

Here’s the explanation for the dollar bill: another activity I love to do is this Korean tradition they do for their babies. I don’t know what it’s called, but you lay out 4 objects (paint brush = creativity, book = intelligence, string = long life, money = wealth) and whichever one the baby chooses will supposedly be what they become as an adult! And my baby chose the dollar bill. So it’s just a fun little tradition and it will be fun to see if it comes true or not! (And it’s also a great time filler because there’s not a whole lot you can do for a one year old party!)

If you’re looking for a custom party package please email me and we can get started!


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