Fresh Living TV Segment

So, that one time I was on TV…
It was a great experience. Glad I did it! But it was very much out of my comfort zone.
Did I mention how I almost declined the offer?? I had the email written out and everything, but then I thought, “I should ask my husband what he thinks first before I send this.” And because of him, I did it! I’m so grateful for his support!
I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how this all came to be and how the taping went, so I’ll just go through and tell the story!
One of the producers from the show contacted me through my Etsy account. She said she loved my work and wanted to feature my prints and have me do a DIY craft for the segment. (Insert me freaking out here and wanting to decline…) Then after I decided I should just suck it up and do it, I accepted her offer and she gave me details on how it would go and I came up with the craft I wanted to show. She decided it would be a good craft to celebrate Memorial Day and wanted to tape the segment just a week away. I prepped for the upcoming taping and it still wasn’t wrapped around my head that this truly was going to happen.
Well, the morning of the taping, I was pretty nervous. My friend offered to do my hair so I knew that if I totally butchered this, I would at least look good. So, that was a big favor to help me feel more confident! My sister and husband tagged along which was great so I didn’t have to navigate the place alone.
So, we get to the TV station and the producer introduces herself and then she tells me that I have 4 minutes to set up. 4 minutes??! I brought twice as much stuff that I ended up not showing because I was stressed about getting it all set up on time! But I was so grateful to have my sister and husband there to help me because my mind went blank! I couldn’t figure out how to make my set up shorter and still look good. The night before I had my display all figured out, but with this short notice, I was frantic. So, I was so grateful for my sister to be able to think quick and place things in a pleasing way.
After I set up my display, it was time to put on my microphone! I have never been in drama or on-stage in any way, so this was a first for me.


Waiting and ready to go on-air! Of course I waited around 15-20 minutes even though I was told I only had 4… At least it made time for selfies like these!

Debbie and Casey, the hosts of Fresh Living, came in and introduced themselves. They and the TV staff were all super nice; they made it very easy. They’re in the background taping the opening scene for the show while I’m in position waiting to be taped next. Oh, and can I just talk about how small the set is?? It was tiny! It’s crazy how deceiving and what kind of tricks can be used for recording.

They never took a break from the opening scene and went straight over to recording me! That threw me off a bit! I thought there would be a cut break, but they just dove right in. Debbie went straight ahead and asked me personal questions about how I came to love crafting and then I went ahead and did the craft demonstration (which can be found here). It all went so fast, the next thing I knew she was asking how people could find me and it was over! I was so grateful I didn’t have to do another recording!

And there’s my story.

We’ll see what becomes of this, but for now, it was a great experience. I believe it’s always good to do things out of your comfort zone every once in awhile. One should never get too comfortable in his life so he’s never building his character. That’s why we go through hard things – to become better people. Which was one reason why it made sense for me to do this: so I could grow in a way I would never want to! and take advantage of the free advertising. (Because, let’s get real here.)

So, moral of the story, if you ever get asked to go on TV, just do it!

The link to the TV segment is here.


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  • Missy
    May 22, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    Super exciting! I'm glad I could help and tag along.