Gem Jam Birthday Party + Freebie

My baby girl turned two! and loves accessories and dress ups so I figured a Gem Jam themed party was in order. I’ve always wanted to try one out even though it’s a trendy theme. Normally I’m not into doing what everyone else was doing, but this was too fun to resist. I’ll break the party down for you since I’m all about a party on a budget!
What’s a gem jam without some sparkle?? I found the silver sequin tablecloth on amazon for $13. (50”50” Square Silver Sequin Tablecloth Select Your Color & Size Can Be Available ! Sequin Overlays, Runners, Gatsby Wedding, Glam Wedding Decor, Vintage Weddings) I believe I got the 50″x50″ size. It’s pretty small, but it worked out. I also got the silver fringe curtain backdrops on amazon for $10. (ZagGit Set of 2 Metallic Silver Foil Fringe Party Decoration Door Curtains, 3 x 8 Feet) Those suckers are 8ft tall! I doubled them up to make them look fuller (folded each in half) and even cut off a bit from the bottoms to use for my filler fringe between the balloons. After hanging up the tablecloth and fringe curtains, I taped on the balloons. I found a great balloon pack at oriental trading for $6. (This was during all of the Christmas sales, so the prices have changed since.) I blew them up (and my husband helped me. He has swimmer’s lungs!) at different sizes to make it more interesting with the size variety. To fill in the gaps, I used pink tulle pom-poms I had made for my daughter’s flamingo party, paper accordion party decoration gems, and cut off fringe from the curtains. The next thing I did to spruce up the party was make a gem wall. I found the idea here and tried to make up my own version. I didn’t do it quite like they had, but it still looked fun. I needed to buy some paper and found a few packs at Wal-Mart for $3 each. Not only did I need the colored paper for the gem wall, but I also needed them to make these paper gems that I hung up on the ceiling. I feel like decorations on the ceiling is what can really upscale a party. Twinkle lights across the ceiling? Dreamy. A billowy tent? Elegant. Balloons and streamers? Fun. Decorating the ceiling is key!After the decorations comes the food! I had the party at 11:00am, so it wasn’t during a mealtime which cuts food costs down. I decided to go for a lunch brunch (so like, lunch foods for brunch instead of breakfast foods) so I made a pasta salad, had a bowl of fresh berries and served water. I only needed to buy a few things for the pasta salad because I had most of the ingredients on-hand so the total cost for the food was $10. (The berries were on sale. Hallelujah!)

I had all of the paper goods already on-hand, so I didn’t even buy any special plates or napkins. I made a simple cake from a box mix and bought frosting. I did decide to buy some silver sprinkles and the diamond ornaments which makes the cake total $7. Because this party was for a two year old I decided to just invite the people who care about her the most – her grandparents! And because her birthday was right before Christmas I knew I didn’t want to hand out treats or candy for party favors. Instead I made homemade energy bites from Mels Kitchen Cafe and shaped them the best I could into gems. I already had the little bags, twine and ingredients on-hand so they didn’t cost anything extra for me. For the party favor printable, scroll down to the end of this post!What’s a party without games?? Because most of the guests were adults I decided to do simple “baby shower games”. The first game was “Two Truths and a Lie About Sienna” where they had to guess which option out of the 3 wasn’t right and the second game was “What Will Sienna be like in 10 Years?” This game was actually a lot of fun. I had them fill out their guesses to the questions I wrote and then we went around and people said their answers. It was fun hearing what they think she’ll be like! I’m saving them so she can read them when she’s older so they ended up being a sentimental gift.So there you have it! My daughter’s Gem Jam party and the total cost for me was: $56.It was such a great party. It was relaxed because it was a small, intimate group, and also enjoyable because everyone wanted to be there and support my little girl. Although the party itself was simple, the decorations were in no way simple. I spent weeks cutting and folding those paper gems, but it was worth it to me. I just pop on Netflix and then I feel so accomplished because I’m doing two things at once!Glam! Bam! and hot dang…! *laugh/crying emoji here*

To share the gem jam goodness, enjoy the party favor tags free printable!

*If it says there’s an error, just click on the title link and the printable files will show up.*

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