Homemade Gift: Go Fish Fishies!

One year my mom had made a blanket and a few burp clothes for my doll and I remember being so excited that “Mrs. Claus” had gone out of her way to make me some things for my doll. Of course now I know who had really made them and it makes those gifts even sweeter.

Homemade gifts are great for those who want to add that extra bit of love and are also great if you’re on a tight holiday budget. Which brings me to todays post: How to make Go Fishing Fishies! Perfect for toddlers learning how to better their coordination skills.

Tools you will need:
fun paper
pen (optional)
laminating paper (optional)
paper clips
unsharpened pencil

1. Gather some fun paper. I used a bunch of my scraps that coordinated together.

2. Take a scrap, fold it the size you want one of your fishes to be.

3. Glue one side of the folded paper.

4. Glue together. Press firmly to make sure it’s sealed on good.

5. Cut out your fish. By folding it, it’s a doubled-sided decorative fish!
6. Go bananas by repeating the steps by cutting out lots of different sizes and shapes of fish in different colors. I had a lot of fun making different tails to make them more interesting.
7. Add little eyes or faces! After I had already laminated them, I had forgotten to draw on little faces! (optional)
8. Laminate your fishes so they laster longer. (optional)
9. Cut out fishes again.
10. Put paper clips on the fish.
11. You’re more than half way done! What’s left is making the fishing rod. I didn’t make one because we already have one from a magnet puzzle we have, but here’s an easy way to make one from home:
Get an unsharpened pencil. Tie/glue some yarn or string around the tip. Get a good sized magnet (a size you feel comfortable leaving your possibly unattended child with) and tie/glue the other end of string around it.
Here’s a better view of some ideas you can do.
As a young child I remember loving this game so I hope I can pass it down to my little girl.




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