“I Said a Hip Hop” Free Printable Download

My oldest daughter is so confused by this, but I just love it so much! In time she’ll get it.

I love when Easter is in April and not March! I feel like the past few years it’s been in March, so it’s refreshing to have some distance between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

I’ve had my Easter decorations up basically ever since it was time to take down the Valentine’s decor. I just love Easter so much: dying eggs, filling eggs with candy, the many egg hunts, focusing on Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It’s like Christmas where the bunnies and eggs take over the real meaning of the season, but I still love taking part in the baskets and festivities. Come to think of it, I think the reason why I love Easter so much is because it’s practically like a second Christmas..! The kids wake up to baskets full of goodies and candy and parents are trying to tie in Jesus to all of it. But that’s just life! Trying to fit in Jesus where we can.

Ok, that was a big tangent, especially because the words in this print originally have nothing to do with Easter, but the play-on-words is what ties it all in. And I love it. And I want you to love it and have one too!

Get your free printable below: (Right click to open a new tab or save to downloads to get the link.) When printing, make sure it’s centered and not “scaled to fit” as this file is an 8×10 and not 8.5×11.

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