Ideas for a Panda Birthday Party + FREE Printables

This party was so fun to do, especially because my daughter was so involved in making decisions and helped me with some of the prep work!

Alright, Imma break it down by what we did for her fun party plus expenses because you know I like to throw a party on a budget and I want to show you how possible it is not to spend over $400.

On the this party display table we have the theme and the party favors which were those cute little pandas. They also turned into a party activity as well. There were also some small wrapped gifts. The gifts were prizes for whoever won the party games. It was my daughter’s idea and she was adamant for it to happen. We had enough for each girl to win one prize and only invited 5 girls so it wasn’t over bearing. We picked out things just around the house we already had on-hand: some mini hand sanitizers, bath bombs, cool pens. Just scrounge around and I’m sure you can find some cool stuff within all of your stuff!

This entire party display I already had so I didn’t buy any of it. I bought the silver streamers on Amazon years ago and keep using them over and over for every party! They are starting to lose some of their streamers, so keep in mind you do need to be careful if you plan on reusing them.

I made the tissue paper flowers/pom-poms out of tissue paper I already had. Just Google “how to make tissue paper pom-poms” and a million of bloggers have made a tutorial just for you.

I knew when my daughter said she wanted to have a pet adoption party and we decided to put the panda and the pet adoption ideas together that the Beanie Boos would be my biggest expense. They were, but somehow I got a great deal at Smith’s where they were only $3.99 each..! I am a Fresh Value member and would’ve gotten a discount anyways, but I think because I bought 6 it brought the discount down even more. I should’ve asked, but I didn’t and I’m not sure how it happened. But try your luck there if you’re doing a pet adoption party and need to buy a lot of Beanie Boos!

Party total so far: $23.94

I started the party with games and the Pet Panda Adoption was the last activity. They each picked a panda and a collar (I had an assortment of different colored ribbons that I scrounged around.) and filled out their adoption certificate. At the end of the party as they were going home, I gave them their Bamboo Premium Panda Food (aka chocolate Pirouette Sticks, $5.29). The little panda party hats were a DIY-figure-it-out-as-I-went project. I only used 1 single 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper for all 7 pandas ($0.30). I had the pom-poms and twine on-hand.

Party total so far: $29.53

It’s not a party without the food! My daughter picked out cake and cupcakes (I tried so hard to talk her out of it…), fortune cookies, the adorable Rice Krispie sushi and I added in a veggie tray, because you know, balance.

I got the candy sushi idea Jamieanne at Sweetest Kitchen. She did a much better job. It practically looks real!

Food ingredients, plates, utensils, etc. came out to about $25.

Party total so far: $54.53

I started the party off with this good “ice breaker” game. It’s similar to the game “Bunko” where you roll a dice and try to get each number that’s on your card. Cross them off as you go. First one to roll every number wins!

Then we also played musical chairs, limbo and Junk in the Trunk . I had just heard of this game and really wanted to test it out on these girls. It turned out to be really fun!

The last game we played was a scavenger hunt. My daughter and I spent an afternoon making these things and then before the party started I hid them around the room.

The bamboo sticks and bamboo leaves were made out of green construction paper. The panda footprints and Chinese symbol was made out of black construction paper. We had a “red” fan. The Happy Birthday banner and sushi were part of the party decor as well as the cherry blossoms which I made out of tissue paper and hung on the ceiling around the room.

Besides the party table decorations, the rest of the party room was simple, yet decorated. I made the tissue paper cherry blossoms (instead of gluing to a branch, I glued it to a piece of white thread) out of tissue paper I already had and cut out lots of black and white paper circles with a 1.5″ die-cutter. I didn’t have black card stock, so I bought a pack for $5. Then I sewed the circles together in a line to create a garland.

I also bought two spools of thick black ribbon and tied them to the back of the party chairs. They were $1.50 each at Wal-Mart.

Which sums up everything and the grand party total was: $62.53!

That was well under my $100 party budget and while I used a lot of what I already had, I hope this gives a good illustration on how possible it is to throw a great party and not spend a bunch of benjamins!

I love throwing parties for my girls. It’s my way of showing love for them and it’s something I enjoy doing. Maybe your thing is making extravagant cakes or playing catch to show your child love. Whatever it is, they know it and feel it.

Get your free printables below: (Right click to open a new tab or save to downloads to get the 5 page link.)

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