In the Works…

See that ^!??! That just happened! I have my own .com website now! I’m almost official!
It makes me think of Uncle Rico, “We need something official, you know, that makes us look like we have all the right answers.”
And I feel like he’s right. I DO need an official website that makes me look like I have all of the right answers. It’s still a WordPress site, but because my domain name was available, it felt so right to just go for it and buy the domain.
I’m the only Designs by TiffanyCo out there, so I better keep it that way!
So that’s what I’ve been up to these past few weeks, putting together this website. And it’s so much work! I mean, I took a coding class. I know building websites are incredibly hard. (Announcement: I’d like to thank my big brother for helping me pass that class. I would’ve failed so bad if he hadn’t!) So even though it’s WordPress and user friendly, it’s still a lot of work.
But work is good!
This is work that will put me forth in the right direction and help me grow.
Speaking of growing, my business has been really sluggish these past 2 years, so I’ve been itching to fix it and figure out what I’m doing wrong. These past few months I’ve been watching webinars and videos from credited sellers and marketers and they know their stuff! I have a lot to work on to grow my traffic, so that’s also what I’ve been busy doing.
All of that algorithm stuff… they sure tackled it down.
So with all of this going on and with summer right around the corner, I’m going to take that time to nail all of this down. The blogging world in general is slower in the summer. Everyone is out having fun! Like they should be! Not reading blog posts while they’re waiting for kids to come out to the carpool. So I’m going to take advantage of all of this down time to grow.
Shake’n bake!


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