Jewelry Holder DIY

For years I have kept my jewelry in a little plastic paper drawer. Sure, it was working for me, but then I got to the point where I wouldn’t wear jewelry because I had forgotten what I even had! Being stashed away, I couldn’t see my full collection and make a smart choice for what to wear. Plus, they weren’t being handled very well after getting smooshed and smashed around. It was time for a solution. I wanted something simple that wouldn’t take up too much space, but was open enough so I could visually see what I had. I looked around and didn’t want a jewelry box and I didn’t want to limit my collection to a small open picture frame with a couple of nails to hang my things on. That’s when this idea came to me! I assure you this really was an original idea because since I’ve thought of it, I have seen others very similar like it! Great minds think alike I guess! So look around, get creative with how you want yours to look, but this is how mine went:


Tools you will need:
one 2×4
14 nails
4 screws
paint of your choice
gloss/protective spray paint (optional)
Buy a 2×4 of your choice and cut it into 4 even cuts. (I had the guy at Lowe’s do this for me.) Sand down 2 of the pieces. (You have 2 extra pieces! Maybe you can use them and make another one as a gift? Or use for future block projects!)

Paint the boards. When they are dry, you may spray paint your gloss or protective spray paint on. After dried, mark 7 (or however many you want) even marks across the board. Hammer in the nails onto the marks.

With some help (or in my case, my husband and father-in-law) drill 2 holes where the screws will go so it can be screwed into the wall. Screw boards onto the wall.
Now the fun part: Hang up all of your beautiful jewelry! Ah, this really has been one of my favorite projects. It’s so functional, yet simple. I can see everything that I have and not have to dig around through drawers.





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  • Missy
    June 11, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    Great idea!