Map of Utah and Midway Prints

Back in March I entered into an art contest for the Salt Lake City International Airport. They were commissioning 24 giant murals to be wallpapered into each bathroom in the airport. I felt really inspired to do it and really wanted to win. Normally I don’t care too much about outside recognition, but I thought it would be the bees-knees to have my work of art in a place where people from all over the world come and go. (Literally… Excuse my bathroom humor. Ha!) I worked really hard on this and it took weeks of every spare minute I had, but I finished! And the judges took months to choose winners… It was hard to wait, especially because I couldn’t show anyone what I had been working on. Since it took some time for them to pick winners, the news of how my piece didn’t make it in wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Instead of my thoughts on fame and fortune (yes, I’ll admit I was taking my dreams a bit too far…), I was just bummed how all of that time and effort I put into it was “wasted”.

This was my art piece. Just imagine it 16’x32′ big, from floor to ceiling, and each drawing is about the size of your head. Each item is related to Utah or Salt Lake City. Later, I realized I could put my work into good use and create something else out of some of the drawings I made, which is where these two new prints come in. Since the airport piece had all-things-Utah, I wanted to make a map of Utah. I also had my mind on making a map of Midway city probably over a year ago so it was easier to make it happen now that I had another motive with the Utah print. Both of these are dear to my heart. Some would say I’m sheltered because I’ve lived in Utah my whole life, which is true, but I love it here and there hasn’t ever been a solid reason to leave. And with the Midway print, to put it simply, I love Midway. It’s such a quaint, small town and I never realized how much I missed my small town spirit until being here. My goal is to never move again and I’m really hopeful I can make that happen, but as with life, you never know what curveballs will be thrown and what paths end up being better than what you had in mind.


Both prints are available in my shop!

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