McDonald Family Christmas Card

My cute cousin asked me to do her family’s Christmas card because they had some exciting news to share – a pregnancy announcement for their baby girl!

Originally I tried pairing the photo with a pattern, but there was too much going on and competing with each other. So I went with the classic “lots of white space” to help balance it all out. Sometimes I hate going simple because it looks like I didn’t put a lot of effort or work into it, but as the saying goes, less is more and can elevate a look. And it was a huge plus going simple because it helped bring out those cute little baby mittens – the overall focus of their baby announcement.

I loved her idea on the back to use a timeline! It’s such a fresh perspective on how the year went. We went with the pink mittens vector on December’s timeline to help bring out the mitten idea more. And then to make sure the reader’s eye didn’t go straight to the mittens, I added more images throughout the timeline so it’s a more natural left-to-right reading with a fun surprise at the end!

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