Mermaid Birthday Party for Kids Aged 4-5 Years Old + Free Printables

What a shell-abration! I had six little 4-5 year olds for my daughter’s birthday party. Planning parties for little kids can sometimes be challenging, but the grace about this age is that they’re usually good with whatever you do! I’ll break it down on what worked and what didn’t, but first I’ll go through the party decor.

The puns were too good to pass up!

Fold out papered jewels were from Target (old), sequined tablecloth, picture frame from Ikea (old).

Normally I also like to break down how much my parties cost because I do all of my parties on a $100 budget, but I reused so many things from past parties that this party hardly cost a thing.

The party favors were a good handful of Goldfish and some Swedish Fish in the blue bag and a bath bomb was in the polkadot kraft paper bag. I didn’t want the crackers tasting like lavender!

The bags were stapled together. A party tip I always like to abide by is tagging every attendees names on the favors. With older kids it’s easier to hand it to them as they’re leaving, but with little kids just as you’re handing it to them, they suddenly need to fix their coat or their shoe or go to the bathroom or grab another snack or give the birthday girl a hug… There’s so many variables and the favor tends to get misplaced sometimes. When their name is on it, it’s easy to know which one actually belongs to which kid.

Something that little kids LOVE are the little details made especially for them. Actually, that’s something I love too… but I’m applying it here for the littles. We have a long walkway to our basement apartment, so my oldest daughter and I made sea shells on different colored paper of card stock that she taped to the floor that trailed all the way down to our door. Kids love it and you can never go wrong with it. Having a puppy/animal party? Use paw prints. Pirate party? A trail of treasure and gold and maybe your door is the X that marks the spot! It’s an easy and cheap way to incorporate something extra fun.

Another party sign which was on our door.

Party room decorations consisted of blue waves of crepe paper taped to the ceiling and tulle pom-poms that I recycled from a different party. Silver balloons littered the floor as “bubbles” and started as a great way for the kids to play as we were waiting for guests to arrive.

When all of the guests were there, we started the games. Each game lasted about 5-10 minutes except for Freeze Dance. They all LOVED that game!

. Bubble Walk: Get a long piece of bubble wrap packaging and lay it on the ground like a rug. The point of the game is to walk across the bubbles without popping any! Some took this game more seriously than others.

. Ball Toss: Toss a few bean bags into different sized bowls at different distances. Not everyone was a big fan of this one.

. Freeze Dance: Dance to the music, but once it stops you gotta freeze!

. Piñata Punch: This was a fun one! Each of the kids built up so much anticipation when it came to their turn. Piñata Punch is a box of tissue papered covered holes each guest punches that contains treats or toys, much like a real piñata, but without the baseball bat! Instead of filling the holes with prizes, each contained a piece of paper with something they had to act out and do. Some things were, “You’re a mermaid. Swim around with the fish!” or “You’re a rockstar. Rock out on your guitar!” They all acted out each thing together which made it great for shyer kids who didn’t want the spotlight all on them.

This is what the inside of my box looked like. I used this tutorial from Grey House Harbor on how to make a Piñata Punch.

After the games, it was time for a snack. To help prolong the party, I made the snacks into activities, but I would suggest doing this for an older age group. These kid’s fine motor skills were still a work in progress!

With a lot of help they made:

. Clam Cookies: Nilla Wafers with frosting and a white buttermint.

. Gummy Crabs: Orange slice gummies with Peach-O’s and candy eyes.

. Fruit Turtles: A kiwi slice and green grapes.

After everyone was done we sang to the birthday girl, had cake and opened presents. Everything took around an hour and a half. Ours was a two hour party, so for the last half hour the kids just played!

Get your free printables below: (Right click to open a new tab or save to downloads to get the 3 page link.)

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