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My youngest is turning 2 in a few weeks so I’ve been in party planning mode, and Christmas mode on and off this month. I’ll just say it, December birthdays are inconvenient which is why I finished most of my Christmas planning in November so I could focus more on my girl (and Christmas activities).

Normally I’m a big advocate on physical invitations, but since I’ve decided to keep the party small and only invite grandparents, emailing her invitations was easier. I’ve partnered with Paperless Post to create these beautiful digital invitations.

First, you pick out which template you’d like to use. They have SO many cute templates to choose from! I was blown away with how trendy and modern each one was. Which makes sense because they have top designers like Rifle Paper Co., Kate Spade, and Hello!Lucky who have designed some of the templates. My daughter is really into jewelry right now so a few months ago I had already committed to doing a gem themed party. Because there weren’t any templates that fit that category, I decided to design my own. There were a few that of course would have worked, but I had something in mind I wanted. They have a “custom upload” option so I was able to upload the invitation I designed.
After uploading my invitation design, I was able to pick out all of the extra add-ons. There are many different envelope colors to choose from and hundreds of envelope liners. I’ve never done an envelope liner so it was fun to pick one out! After picking out the envelope styles, you’re able to pick out a background for the whole presentation and a stamp.You can also pick out a color and style for the reply card. I chose to keep it simple and on-theme with the white and pink.
After creating your card, there are typing fields to fill out with all of the party information including a Google map so guests have an easier time finding the address. When the invitations are ready to go, you enter in the guest’s name and email addresses so it can be sent to them. After the invitations have been sent, Paperless Post has a tracking sheet so you’re able to keep track of who has opened their card and RSVPed. From there you can also request RSVP’s from those who haven’t responded and send out an event reminder.

If you’re planning to go the digital route, Paperless Post is the way to go. It was quick, easy, all of the templates are BEAUTIFUL, and the tracking was so incredibly helpful. I’ll be sharing the party details after Christmas, so be on the look out for how her Gem Jam turned out!

In collaboration with Anagram Interactive, thank you for partnering with me on this post!  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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