Snap Strap!

Ok, so this quick fix isn’t likely that you’ll ever use it. BUT! !f you every do, you’ll remember reading this post and think to use it.

I was given this CUTE white dress from my mom at my baby shower and it wasn’t until I tried putting it on baby, that I noticed that there was no way to get it over her head! There was no zipper, no buttons, and not even a stretchy neckline. She doesn’t even have a big head for her age, so I was really confused as to why the manufacturers made the dress like this! Crazy. And it was crazy cute too! I did not want to give up on this fabulous dress. So I decided to make a snap strap for it! Because of course, if one of the straps could be undone then she would be able to get into the rest of the dress!
So here is the Snap Strap:

Super cute, right?


matching thread
Cut the strap. Hand sew along the edges to prevent any fraying.
Hand sew the outward rounded edge of snap on the bottom layer of strap and the flat edge of the other half on the pulling layer of strap.



And you’re done!
Worked like a charm during her one year old photoshoot!


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  • Brianna Kobs
    June 21, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    Way smart! I never would've known this was a DIY fix, it was darling:)