Social Distancing Scavenger Hunts

If you’re not quarantined, you are social distancing and doing whatever you can to get out of the house! This COVID stuff is scary, but I like to give myself one freakout per day and then move on so I can be present for my kids.

My girls are have dabbled in scavenger hunts and have always loved them, but I never really thought about doing them unless it was a party activity. Why?? I don’t know. But it’s true about what they say, the corona is bringing out the creative and the crazy in all of us! Which made my brain think to bring back the scavenger hunt as a fun social distancing activity.

I have two really fun ones for you: a Neighborhood Walk Scavenger Hunt and a Drive Around Town Scavenger Hunt. If the weather is beautiful, go on a walk! If it’s crappy, drive around! By using either one you’re able to achieve your number one goal: get out of the house responsibly. What’s great about these is you can also use them to play BINGO. Bring a pencil along and cross them off as you go. Winner gets a treat at home or whatever you choose!

Print out the free printables below on card stock and trim down the middle. There are 4 different cards so you can play the BINGO style if you want. If there’s something that isn’t in your area, use it as a Free Space or create your own thing to find. Happy social distancing!

Get your free printables below: (Right click to open a new tab or save to downloads to get the link. If you’re having trouble, please reach out and email me at: designsbytiffanyco at gmail dot com.)

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