Star Wars Murder Mystery Birthday Party : Free Printables

This is the finale to my Grand Opening Grabs. Thanks for following along in my series of freebies! And as a reminder, everything in my Etsy Shop is 20% off with coupon code: TIFFANYCO20 ! The sale will go until Monday, November 13th.


My niece wanted to have a murder mystery party, Star Wars themed, for her birthday and they found a free party campaign from Da Vinci’s Room. Because the company didn’t want to infringe on Disney, they made up the characters and the cantina took place on the planet Hoth of all places (the snowy cold planet)… That just couldn’t fly in my book, so when I designed the character sheets, I used real characters, but they weren’t the big stars in case any of the girls felt jipped or disappointed. The characters were all female too (except for the cantina owner) in case any of them felt weird about being a dude. I had to make up a few characters because there were a lot of friends invited, but the more the merrier and it was so fun putting it together! 

They set up their living room like a cantina with lots of different tables and chairs.

There has been a murder in the cantina!

My sister borrowed my Star Wars photo booth printables I did for my husband’s birthday. Gotta have a photo booth!

They had dinner with food that was all Star Wars themed.

Party favors with the tags I designed which were full of Starbursts and Star Wars swag!


Because this was so fun to create I decided to make it into a freebie so you could enjoy a fun murder mystery party as well! Included are: invitations, note sheets (to take notes and keep track of who did what), character sheets and character act sheets. This goes along with the Da Vinci Room’s campaign, but the characters and planet are different. Hope you have fun!


*If it says there’s an error, just click on the title link and the printable files will show up.*

Get your free printables below (scroll through to see each page):

Invitation & Note Pages
Character & Character Act Sheets





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