Transformers Birthday Party + a Freebie

There are a lot of girls in my family so I don’t get as many chances to design BOY stuff. But this little dude had his first friend party which called for a total party transformation! (Get it? How can I not go without a pun on this one!)

This party was so fun with games like “Make Your Own Transformer” using marshmallows and pretzels and another one with different shapes of paper. Then there was Bingo, which all kids love, even if they never get a complete row. And to top off the party my sister and her husband did a full-out obstacle course where the kids needed to get though the obstacles in order to kill Megatron. They could’ve done that all day! So fun!

To show my appreciation for you guys, enjoy these FREE Transformer Bingo card sheets! I haven’t done a freebie in awhile and you deserve it!

Get your free Transformers Bingo Cards below:

Transformers Bingo Cards


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  • Missy
    October 7, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    Fun times! Thanks for the cute designs!