VIDA Spotlight: Mother’s Day Infinity Integrity Scarf

I just realized because I was so riled up with explaining how awful the clothing industry is, I didn’t even introduce the pieces from my collection! So I’ve decided to turn it into a weekly series: VIDA Spotlight. I’m starting with the the Mother’s Day piece because it’s coming up in just a few weeks!
VIDA as a whole, has created a Mother’s Day line which can be found here where loads of other artists have their scarves up for the collection. Mine is there somewhere if you want to scroll down for a while or you can find it here.
My inspiration for this piece came from National Woman’s Day, because it was just a few days prior to when I was notified about this collection. I was thinking about how women have so many qualities that men do not, whether some want to think that or not. And I was thinking about how awesome women are and how inspirational women of the past and present have become to society. I was reflecting about some of the qualities I want to develop and what I want my own two daughters to have as well.
This piece was basically a tribute to past, present and future women. To be happy, confident thoughtful, divine, supportive and strong women. Scarves can be tied to create an infinite circle and the word integrity sums up a lot of fine quality traits, which was why I named this scarf Infinity Integrity.
While I was drawing the typography for this piece, this quote by Margaret D. Nadauld also came to mind which was part of my inspiration:
Women, and especially our mothers, contribute so much to society. It’s a no brainer why we dedicate an entire day to them! They deserve it. Our families, nations and world count on them to teach their children to be honorable adults, who continue on with the next generations.
I had to condense all of that above to about 400 characters when explaining my piece on the site and this is what I came up with. I think it sums it up pretty well:
ART INSPIRATION: I have two young daughters and as I watch them grow, the more I hope they make good choices and develop into wonderful women. I believe in equality for women, but there are still certain qualities only women can possess. Women have divine roles of which they can encourage and influence others around them. The words in this piece explain what I hope my girls and other women are inspired to become.

My typographic idea sure doesn’t photograph very well on the computer screen, but I figure you can never go wrong with black and white. It matches well with many things and the words on it can only make you feel like a better, confident, modern woman.

I know it’s too late to order this in time for Mother’s Day, but they are still having their sale where if you buy 2+ items from the collection, you will get $20 off plus a gift box. Use code: LOVEYOUMOM at checkout for promotional sale.


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